Notice of Privacy Policy  

    Real estate appraisers, like other professionals who provide advice on real estate and
    other personal financial matters, are now required by federal law to inform clients,
    property owners or prospective buyers of their policies regarding the privacy of
    confidential information provided to them. Real estate appraisers have always been
    bound by professional standards either by the Uniform Standards of Professional
    Appraisal Practice, or by the professional appraiser organization with whom the appraiser
    is affiliated. Therefore, appraisers have always protected your right to privacy.

    In the course of providing our clients with real estate appraisal or consulting services, we
    might receive information that is of a confidential nature. If you are a client of Central
    Texas Appraisals, or the current or prospective owner of a property that is the subject to a
    service that is provided by CTA, you should know that confidential information that we
    receive is kept confidential, and is not released to persons outside the company, except as
    agreed to by you, or as required under an applicable law.

    We retain information related to the services that we provide in our work files so as to be
    in a position to answer follow up questions, to facilitate our ability to expand upon the
    services provided, and to comply with professional record keeping requirements. In
    conformity with our professional standards, we maintain physical, electronic and
    procedural safeguards in order to protect any confidential information that may have been
    provided to us from persons that are not authorized to review such information.

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