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    If you are going to sell your home, it would be wise to invest in a professional appraisal. A
    professional appraisal does cost money, but it will pay for itself in the long run! Unless a homeowner
    analyzes the real estate market on a day to day basis, like a professional appraiser does, it's difficult to
    form a well supported, accurate estimate of market value. Market value is not the sales price paid for
    the home, cost to construct/build, etc. True market value does take these, and many other
    attributes into consideration.

    Most people are surprised when they discover the "true market value" of their home is considerably
    higher than they thought. Investing in a professional appraisal is a good idea, if the result desired is
    several thousand more dollars than expected, and who wouldn't want that. Some property owners have
    an inflated opinion of value for their home/property, and a appraisal helps them to realistically price their
    home, in order for it to sell. Typically, a overpriced home does not attract buyers, and it will sit on the
    market for an unnecessary number of days/months, which actually has a negative effect on the final
    offering/sales price. Potential buyers/real estate agents typically search a desired area using perimeters
    such as, LP (Listing Price) range, and DOM (Days on Market). If properties are typically selling within 1
    - 2 months of listing date in this area, and your property has been on the market for, lets say 3 months
    (+- 90 days), some agents will overlook your property and show a comparable property, assuming there
    is something wrong with yours (foundation issues, flood hazard area, out-dated, poor condition, etc.).
    As you can gather from this hypothetical situation, there would be valuable time, money, and efforts
    wasted; not to mention additional stress that none of us need. An appraisal sure does sound like a
    good idea now, doesn't it?

    In addition, an appraisal will point out needed repairs and visible deficiencies in the property, providing
    you the opportunity to correct these items before placing it on the market. It is difficult to be objective
    about your own home because of your emotional attachment. A Professional Appraiser is objective
    and will tell you what you need to know, not just what you want to hear.

    For-Sale-By-Owner (FSBO)

    Homes that are listed for sale by the owner, without the assistance of a real estate agent, are known as
    FSBOs (pronounced FIZZ-BO). Selling your home "on your own" will require a significant amount of
    "homework" if you're going to do it right.

    It's difficult to be objective about your own home because of your emotional attachment to it. Following
    is some tips by the experts, when selling your home, "FSBO."

    ~ Do NOT "Overprice" Your Home!
    In addition to helping you set a realistic Listing price, so your home will attract buyers, a professional
    appraisal is a powerful negotiating tool, once you have a potential buyer. It gives you something concrete
    to show your buyer. It's an independent third party's opinion of your home's market value, not just your
    subjective opinion of value. Potential buyers are aware that property owners have an emotional
    attachment to home.  Therefore, potential buyers will give more credibility to a professional

    ~ Consultation
    Maybe you feel like you don't need an "appraisal" but you'd still like some help gathering local property
    and sales data. Our reports help you to make an informed buying decision. We understand the
    complexities of buying a home and know what you are going through and will do our best to make it
    easier for you by giving you a high quality, professional appraisal, designed without excessive industry
    jargon so it can be a useful tool for you, and something you can depend on!

    ~ When you order a report from us, you can expect. . . .

    Prompt response from your initial inquiry:
    We will give you personalized information for your particular appraisal need. Just tell us your situation
    and we will make suggestions.

    Quick turnaround time: Typically one week or less from the date the request is received. If you've
    chosen to receive a copy of your appraisal or consulting report via the Internet (EDI), you'll receive it
    within MINUTES of its completion.

    Appraisal and consulting reports formats to suit YOUR needs:
    When it comes to appraisal and consulting, "One size does NOT fit all!"
    We offer a variety of report types and delivery methods. Express mail too slow? We can deliver your
    report attached to a standard email, or notify you of an Internet site to download your report, the
    MINUTE it's completed!

    Quick response to follow-up questions: Our reports are clearly written, understandable, and meet or
    exceed the Uniform Standards of Professional Practice that governs the appraisal practice. If you
    have any questions regarding your appraisal, after you've read the report, we encourage you to email or
    call us!


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